Halloween is less than a week away and we are getting excited about all the events we are hiring bales and pumpkins to for this specific occasion including Halloween races, pumpkin patch and circus themed halloween parties. We are also getting involved in the ‘Go Green for Halloween‘ organised by the NSPCC and will be working with our local Nature and Gardening Group for Pre-School children, Little Muddy Boots to help create a memoriable day for children in our local area.

Bales and pumpkins are just such a wonderful natural combination at this time of year and make a great alternative to a ‘scary Halloween’ displays at events, parties and in shop windows. Pumpkins make great decorations for your Halloween event whether carved, painted or spray painted and the opportunities are endless. There are also other natural items which can be used as decoration to sit on top of your bales from foraged or shop bought apples and pears to chestnuts and autumn leaves collected during an this time of year.

Another addition which also works really well sat alongside bales and pumpkins used for decorative purposes is a scarecrow. Scarecrows are great fun to make with children especially during half term. Get some hay or straw and fill old clothes to make the body, find an old pair of wellies for the feet and papier-mâché a balloon for the face – simple!

Take a look at our Harvest / Halloween page on Pinterest for more ideas on how to use bales at this time of year, you can really create some fabulous ‘wow factor’ pieces of styling for your event, party or wedding.